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What We Do

Text analytics

Help you understand how people perceive your brand

Marketing spend optimization

Attribute and optimize media spends to different channels.

Path Analysis

Find ideal conversion path to inform ad purchasing or Go-To-Market behaviours.

Audience Analysis

Link user conversion affinities with their interests across products & geographies for improved planning and targeting.

Churn Prediction

Help predict the probability of churn to competition using customer’s online activities

Customer Lifetime Value Prediction

Answer the question regarding the quality of customers we are acquiring through various digital channels

Match Market

Test to create exposed and controlled to understand campaign efficacy


Efficiently plan the campaign across weekday time-slots, geographies and creatives

Performance Analysis & KPI

Forecasting for campaigns which needs urgent attention

Cross Sell / Up Sell

Analyse customer’s requirement through digital trends to expand portfolio

Video Ads Analytics

Connect video watch-time with conversion on app

Reach and Frequency

Get unique users reached via a campaign using multiple channels i.e. Admob, Youtube, etc.

Customer Profiling

Segment website traffic (customers) to understand mix & strategize digital acquisition

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