Do you connect TV Ads to Business outcome?

Since not all GRPs are equal, perform tactical optimization and targeting on TV just like Digital

What We Do

Spot Detection

Our proprietary matching technology fingerprints video content for automatic recognition of future airings

Performance Analysis

Measures and analyses the impact of your TV campaigns on various digital channels: web, apps, call centers, SMS and more. We optimize your TV investments based on business and branding indicators

TV to MultiApp

83% of people use another media while in front on TV. We use this opportunity to be present on other mediums i.e. paid search, Facebook etc. when your, or even your competitor’s TV ad, is live

TV Audience Targeting

We capitalize on TV investments by making sure you’re converting a highly engaged audience, thanks to our unique TV-visitors identification algorithm

Why We Do

Multiple KPI's

Easy tracking & optimization of digital media investments

  • Visits
  • Conversations
  • Re-Targeting
  • Sources
  • ROI
  • Real Time Analytics




Few KPI's

Some audience data but not accurate enough to optimize the TV spends

  • GRP
  • CPRP
  • Data is lagged

The Facts - New Currency To Measure TV Analytics


of people use another media in front of their TV


Increase in online brand search attributed to TV Ads

How It Works?

What You Get


Real time insights for day, daypart, network, genre, program, creative and audience


Put TV analytics into action using real-time performance insights and adjust ad delivery


Reach across media to augment TV audience digitally

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